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Zimpler casinos are gaming sites that offer their services without registration. Therefore, they can be used without an account, so-called Pay N Play casinos.

Our website provides an updated list of Zimpler Casinos and our experience playing at these casinos.

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Zimpler casinos – compare safe casinos in 2024

Zimpler casinos for 2024 only include tax-free casinos. Check out our selection of casinos and compare bonuses.

All Zimpler casinos listed below are trusted, and we also play at them.

125% VIP-bonus up to 500€/$
100% bonus 300€/$
100 no wagering free spins on your first deposit (10€/$)
100% up to 100€/$
100% up to 100€/$ + 100 free spins
100% up to 500€/$ + 200 free spins

What is a Zimpler casino?

Zimpler casino is a Pay n Play casino where you don’t need to register to play. You can use your bank ID to identify yourself, play and have your winnings transferred to your account within minutes. No sending documents or other hassle.

Similarly, as in casinos that offer payment methods such as Brite, Trustly or Euteller, the player plays with their bank ID entirely without signing up.

Unlike in traditional casinos, you don’t need to send any documents to the casino to withdraw your winnings. This is why many players choose Zimpler Go Casino.

General information about Zimpler

Zimpler.com is a Swedish company that has been providing payment methods to Zimpler casinos for many years. Before, payment methods were based on money transfers or mobile payments. Check out the company’s website here.

Amazingly, Zimpler started offering the Pay n Play payment option to casinos in 2020. At the same time, they discontinued providing invoicing and card payments to casino customers.

The business behind this payment method was founded in 2012, so it has been around for a while.

This means we can guarantee everyone who plays at a Zimpler Casino safe and fast payments in Europe.

Zimpler casino tips 2024

It’s time to share the latest Zimpler casino tips with you. Many players may have noticed that all Zimpler-supported casinos operate under licenses from Malta and Estonia.

No matter which casino you choose through our website, you will receive your winnings tax-free. Last month, Zimpler seized its services to casinos outside the European Union. This guarantees players the best security in terms of responsible gaming and money transfers.

We just got word of a new upcoming Zimpler casino, which will open in the coming days. We can’t announce the casino’s name just yet, but you’ll find it on our website in the next few days. We will offer a VIP bonus for this site that you can’t redeem anywhere else. It is recommended to check back with us to see the casino from our selection soon.

In November, we recommend that you try the newly established PlatinCasino. At this casino, players can redeem a 100% bonus of up to €300. You can play with Zimpler by registering a player account. If you want to play quickly, we recommend choosing the safe and fast Brite payment method. The casino recently introduced Zimpler as part of its payment methods.

Why choose gaming sites through zimpler-casinos.com?

Zimpler-casinos.com is a free place to get information and help to play at Zimpler pay n play casinos (Zimpler pikakasinot). Only a few sites provide information without something in return, but here we are. We are here for you. We want to help, inform and assist visitors in need.

Top reasons to choose Zimpler casinos through us:

  1. Tax-free winnings: We offer only tax-free Zimpler casinos with a European license to our readers.
  2. Reliability: One of the main reasons players should choose sites through us. We have tested every casino you find on our site. We play at some of the casinos every week, so nothing about gaming experiences or bad gaming sessions is left out.
  3. Protected gaming environment: There is a reason why many players trust the gaming sites we’ve listed. Every casino you find through our website uses state-of-the-art SSL technology to ensure a protected gaming environment.
  4. Help is always available: We provide free support to our website visitors. If you face issues with a Zimpler casino found on our website, you can always contact us for free, and we will help.
  5. Redeem VIP bonuses: We offer all our readers a selection of bonuses you can’t get anywhere else. Some casinos want to offer our readers benefits and promotions worth redeeming.
  6. The information on our website is always up-to-date: as a visitor, you can enjoy the latest news and content. We update the site every day, even at the weekends, so you always find the most up-to-date information.

Players who are looking for high roller casino bonuses should visit high roller casinos portal.

How do I win more at Zimpler casinos?

Zimpler casinos are played diligently day in and day out, but sometimes it’s best to stop and think, “How can I win more today?” This topic is interesting to us, so it might interest you too.

We’ve been playing at casinos for over ten years, so we know exactly how to win more money. We want to help you win more and lose less.

Isn’t it annoying when you deposit a reasonable amount and feel like your balance is depleting quickly? We think it’s one of the most irritating things about casinos, so next, we will discuss our TOP 5 tips for winning at Zimpler casinos.

1. Only redeem Zimpler casino bonuses with good terms

This is the first and most important tip. Some players only redeem large bonuses with shocking terms and later complain about it on forums. The terms are reasonable when you choose a casino and bonus through our website.

When you click through our list to read reviews, you will find play-through requirements, other bonus terms and more. We recommend viewing and comparing these terms between casinos.

As a rule of thumb, we can say that the best bonuses are cashback bonuses. Another favourable form of bonus is a non-sticky bonus, which you can redeem at Spinz and Wheelz casinos through us.

2. Choose your games carefully

When playing at a Zimpler casino, whether a Malta or Curacao casino, it’s important to know which games you should play. While you can win big short term in any game, some games offer a higher RTP than others.

It is useless to only look at the RTP of the game; volatility is also important. Volatility means the variance of the game, i.e. how often the game pays out on average. Games with low volatility offer more frequent but smaller wins. On the other hand, high-volatility games offer bigger wins but less frequently.

When choosing a game, we recommend selecting one with a high RTP. But as we just mentioned, RTP is not the most important part.

If you invest a small amount of money, it’s always best to choose low-volatility games until you can grow your bankroll to 3x your current balance. If you play high-variance games with a small deposit, you will almost certainly lose money quickly.

Good examples of low-variance games are Starburst and Jimi Hendrix. Low-variance games are, for example, Book of Dead and Dead or Alive.

Table games are usually easier to win when it comes to RTP. Games like Blackjack and Craps are good examples of high RTP table games.

When playing slots, for example, Playtech’s Goblin’s Cave offers an incredible RTP of 99.30% return. From NetEnt’s games, Mega Joker provides a return of 99%. Joker 6000 is also a good game with its 98.86% RTP.

3. Managing your money and the effect of bets

When you start playing at a Zimpler casino and want to win as much money as possible, it’s important to be mindful of your bets and budget. The bigger the budget you start playing with, the bigger the bets. Here, however, the risk of losing money is greater, but so is the chance of winning.

If you deposit 50 euros to a casino, we recommend you wager no more than 1% of your deposit. In this case, the bet should be a maximum of 0,5€. Remember that playing a game with high volatility or variance is harder to win in the short term. Therefore, those with small deposits should look for games with low variance. Good examples are Starburst and Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt.

If you make a larger deposit, such as 500€, you can quickly start playing with a 0.5 to 1% bet, i.e. 2.5 to 5€. With these bets, we recommend holding on to the chair when you succeed in landing a big win. A light 1000x win with these bets net you between 2500 and 5000€.

4. Remember to withdraw winnings on time at Zimpler casinos

When playing at a Zimpler casino and looking to win more, be sure to withdraw your winnings on time. What good are fast withdrawal times if you don’t withdraw them into your account?

Many players go through many negative experiences because, despite winning a big win, they will gamble again in the hope of winning even bigger. You may not have experienced this situation before, but many players are undoubtedly familiar with it.

We cannot stress enough that you should hit the Withdrawal button after a big win. These casinos credit the wins quickly to your account, so make your withdrawal on time and make a new smaller deposit if you’d like.

We can give many tips about withdrawals. As a rule of thumb, you should make a withdrawal when your balance grows three times your original deposit.

A triple pot is not enough for many players, but hey, you could always make a new deposit and win more. But if you’re a brave player and still want to win more, follow the instructions below for making deposits and withdrawals at Zimpler casinos.

5. Only play at casinos where you can set play limits

When you’re looking for a Zimpler casino to suit your gaming needs and want to gamble more, we recommend checking out the casino’s responsible gaming tools. These include deposit limits, game time limits and other settings related to playing restrictions.

What does setting these limits have to do with winning? By placing a deposit limit, you will not spend more money than planned at the casino. Sometimes gambling can be so much fun that you end up making more and more deposits. The downside of this, however, is that you might lose more than you expected.

We always recommend choosing a casino that offers such game limit setting tools. An excellent example of this kind of Zimpler casino is the Sisu casino.

Zimpler casino MGA

Zimpler casino MGA is the safest choice for players. These casinos operate under the prestigious Malta license. To obtain this license, casinos must meet strict quality standards.

Below is a direct list of MGA Zimpler casinos:

  • Sisu casino
  • Casilime
  • Kanuuna
  • Highroller
  • Chipz

But why do players look for Malta-licensed casinos? This is because Malta’s casinos are tax-free for players.

Zimpler casino Malta – Why choose an MGA casino?

Zimpler casino Malta is an excellent choice for players for many reasons. The first and most important reason is the taxation of winnings. At these casinos, players don’t pay taxes on their winnings. All withdrawals are tax-free, no matter how much you win.

These casinos are also popular for other reasons. A Zimpler casino operating under the Malta license is always a safe and secure choice. This is because obtaining an MGA license is difficult, and all casinos operating under this license are subject to strict rules and regulations.

If a casino doesn’t follow the licensor’s rules or violates them, it will lead to a penalty and sometimes a license suspension. If a casino loses its gaming license, it cannot provide games to its players.

In problematic situations, Malta’s Zimpler casino is a better alternative than Curacao’s. This is because complaints can be filed with the MGA and will always be dealt with within a reasonable time frame. If you complain to a Curacao licensor,  you might be waiting a long time.

Best Zimpler casino Malta: Slotsi casino

It should come as no surprise that the best Zimpler Casino Malta is clearly Slotsi casino. This casino offers the readers of our website a 125% VIP bonus. This bonus is available for a limited time, so hurry! There’s no other casino than Slotsi casino where a player can test games from 138 game developers.

Playing at this casino is smart regardless of what kind of Zimpler casino Malta you’re interested in. After the first bonus, there are many more loyalty bonuses and campaigns the player can take part in.

How to identify a tax-free Zimpler casino in 2024?

There are many things to consider when looking for a tax-free Zimpler casino. First, you should know which Zimpler casinos are tax-free.

The tax exemption of a casino is determined by a gaming license, which must be located within the EEA to ensure tax-free winnings. Players should look for a casino with an EU license. The most popular license is from the MGA, the most famous casino gaming license.

Other tax-free wins are provided by, for example, casinos operating under an Estonian license. Similar to MGA-licensed casinos, winnings at these casinos are not subject to income tax.

Many players may get misled when they read that winnings from casinos operating under a UKGC or Gibraltar license are tax-free. This is not the case, so if you’re playing at a casino operating under these licenses, we recommend you head to a new gaming site.

Tax-free Zimpler casinos are often hard to find, so we’ve listed all tax-free casinos that offer the Zimpler payment method below. You may have noticed that there are no casinos below, so we recommend tax-free Brite casinos that you can easily find below.

Zimpler Go casino –playing, money transfers and video

Zimpler Go casino is a sure choice for players that appreciate quick and easy gambling. Whether you’re using a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, we ensure a fantastic gaming experience.

In this section, we’ll cover playing at a Zimpler Go casino and how to transfer money. We’ll show you information through words, pictures and even a video to help you understand how gambling works in practice.

First, take a look at Zimpler casino information from the video below:

Below, you can see quick information about Zimpler casinos, especially if you don’t want to read all the relevant information on our site. The video below contains the most important things you should know about these casinos.

1. Choose a reliable casino through our site and click ”Deposit”

First, you must find a reliable Zimpler casino through our site. Once you’ve found a casino suitable for you and maybe even an exciting bonus, you can click through to the casino and hit the “Play now” button.

When you reach the casino’s homepage, you must find the sign-up/deposit button. Usually, these buttons are located at the top of the homepage.

Here, you will be asked for an amount to deposit. Choose the amount and proceed to the next step.

When making a deposit, players can read the casino’s terms and conditions, which we recommend reading if you doubt the site’s reliability.

2. Choose your bank account as a Zimpler casino deposit

In the next step, you will be asked to choose a bank through which you want to deposit to the Zimpler casino, and the casino will verify your identity.

You can log in to the casino and make deposits with the following banks:

All secure online banks accept Zimpler for money transfers, and there are many banks you can use to play.

Remember, you can deposit money to the casino and your account on any device, even your phone and tablet.

3. Input your username and password and make a successful deposit to the casino

Once you have selected your online bank to make a deposit and verified your identity, you will be required to enter your username and password, as shown in the picture below.

You must also choose whether to verify the payment with a bank ID or a PIN. If you have an online banking app on your phone, we recommend using it to confirm login.

Now we are only one step away from playing, as Zimpler verifies and transfers the chosen amount to the casino for playing.

How does Zimpler work? – Summary and quick guide for players

If you’re unsure how Zimpler works, we recommend reading the summary below. Zimpler works quickly, easily and safely with casinos. The following summary shows you how to use this payment method in casinos:

  1. First, choose a reliable Zimpler casino from this page
  2. Choose the amount you want to deposit
  3. Click ”Deposit”, and the casino will open a screen where you can select your bank
  4. After choosing your bank, you must log in with your bank ID
  5. Now you will confirm the payment with a PIN or banking app of 
  6. The Zimpler casino will verify your identity, and you can start playing
  7. Keep in mind that these casinos do not require you to register separately, nor will they ask you to send any documents when you want to withdraw money

We trust that now you have a solid understanding of how Zimpler works. Next, we will tell you about the important part: how quickly you can get your winnings to your account after making a withdrawal.

Zimpler withdrawal time – information on withdrawals

Zimpler withdrawals usually take 15 to 30 minutes. There are no funds transfers between banks over the weekend, so that you will find your winnings in your account the following Monday.

Withdrawing winnings at a Zimpler Pay n Play casino can be done with a click of a button. You only need to head to the Deposit button, click on it, choose the withdrawal amount, and approve it with one click.

These casinos verify your identity in connection with deposits, so to make a withdrawal to your account, you don’t need to send any documents or proof to verify your identity.

Does Zimpler charge players transaction fees?

You can play at a Zimpler casino and transfer money without additional costs. This means that you can deposit and withdraw as much as you want.

Until a few years ago, Zimpler operated at online casinos as a payment method that invoiced deposits. This meant that the player made a deposit at the casino and received a physical bill. Today, Zimpler is only focused on instant transactions and player identification.

Zimpler Casino bonus – comprehensive guide and bonus comparison

Zimpler Casino bonus is bonus money offered by the casino, a reward for making a deposit or sometimes even a free profit. In this section, we will cover these casino bonuses and offers.

We will educate you on the actual value of available bonuses. Bonus terms at Zimpler casinos, especially play-through requirements, vary greatly. For this reason, it is advisable to find out the differences between bonuses and their terms, so read on and take advantage of a bonus worth redeeming.

Zimpler casino bonus with deposit and their comparison

When you redeem a Zimpler casino bonus by making a deposit, it’s important to know what it means and what the terms and conditions are. For those who don’t know what it means, the casino offers bonus money, which is provided in connection with a deposit.

Usually, bonuses are worth 100% to 200%. When you redeem a 100% bonus, you get the same amount as your original deposit as an additional amount to your player account. If you get a 200% bonus, you will find three times the amount, depending on your deposit amount.

Remember to check trusted high roller casino bonus offers.

Let’s compare Zimpler casino deposit bonuses between our listed casinos:

  1. 1.Sisukasino – 125% bonus up to 500€ + 3 other deposit bonuses (40x but applies only to bonus money)
  2. 2.PlatinCasino – 100% bonus up to 300€ (30x bonus+deposit)
  3. 3.Chipz – 100 wager-free spins (0x)
  4. 4.Highroller – 200 wager-free spins for your first deposit (no play-through requirement)
  5. 5.Kanuuna – 200 wager-free spins for your first deposit (no play-through requirement)
  6. 6.Casumo – 100% bonus up to 200€ + 200 free spins (30x bonus+deposit, 30x winnings from free spins)
  7. 7.Casilime – no bonuses
  8. 8.Spinz – 100% non-sticky bonus up to 300€ + 100 free spins (35x bonus money) -> note: non sticky
  9. 9.Bethard – 100% bonus up to 200€ + 250 free spins (20x bonus+deposit, 0x in free spins)
  10. 10.Wheelz – 100% bonus up to 300€ + 100 free spins (35x bonus money) -> note: non sticky
  11. 11.Casinodays – 100% bonus up to 500€ + 100 free spins (35x bonus money)

In first place is Sisu Casino, which offers our readers a unique VIP bonus of 125% up to 500€. The play-through requirement is only 40x, which only applies to bonus money. This bonus is worth redeeming. You will also get three additional deposit bonuses, with the same terms as the first deposit bonus.

At the top of the list are also Kanuuna and Highroller casinos. Both offer 200 wager-free spins when you make a minimum deposit of 20€. What’s incredible about these bonuses is that there are no play-through requirements for the free spins.

Out of these two, the first and best choice for players is Kanuuna. Thanks to an Estonian gambling license, you can quickly get tax-free payouts at this casino.

As can be easily seen from the list above, most casinos offer a 35x play-through requirement for bonuses that apply to both the bonus money and deposit. At the start of the list, Winstoria offers a 45x playthrough that only applies to bonus money.

Wager-free bonuses at Zimpler casinos

Wager-free bonuses are currently found at Kanuuna and Highroller casinos. Out of these, Kanuuna is a tax-free gambling environment. However, Highroller operates under a Curacao license.

Both casinos offer wager-free bonuses. As a new player bonus, they offer 200 spins with your first deposit of at least 20€. These casinos offer many loyalty bonuses, which is why we had excellent experiences at Kanuuna casino.

You will move up levels at both casinos; based on our experience, this happens quickly. For our first deposit, we moved 30 levels up at Kanuuna casino. Every bet in games rewards points to your account, and you will move up levels as you play.

The good thing is that moving up levels has nothing to do with losing. The more you wager in games, the higher your level. Every time you level up, the casino will find wager-free bonuses based on your gambling style. We accumulated hundreds of euros worth of these bonuses.

Zimpler casino bonus free spins

Zimpler casino bonus as free spins is an excellent way to earn some extra money. Usually, a casino offers free spins with a deposit bonus. Often, the deposit bonus is 100%, and you can quickly get an additional 50 to 200 free spins.

Like other bonuses, free spins contain some terms, such as play-through requirements, which you must fulfil before withdrawing your winnings.

Usually, the play-through requirements apply to wins generated with free spins. So, if you win 5€ with free spins and the play-through is 35x, you have to play 5×35=175€ before you can withdraw your winnings to your account.

Often, winnings with free spins are limited. This means that the player can only withdraw a certain amount of money after fulfilling the terms.

Sometimes, the Zimpler casinos offer wager-free spins. These free spins do not include play-through, so the money you win is immediately withdrawable.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are one of the best bonuses at online casinos. These bonuses usually give you money if you’re unlucky and lose money at a Zimpler casino. The bonus is usually 10 to 20%, depending on your level.

Some Zimpler casinos offer all players a fair 10% cashback. This type of bonus is good because it is offered on a daily basis. So, if you lose on Monday and get cashback on Tuesday, you can win a lot of money using the cashback.

Completely free Zimpler casino bonuses

Completely free Zimpler casino bonuses refer to benefits that you can get for free. These bonuses are rare, especially for new players.

If you’ve been a player for a while, you can request free bonuses such as bonus money and free spins through the casino’s live chat. Often, old loyal customers can get bonuses for free if they are active and request them through the casino’s customer service.

Many casinos that offer deposit bonuses to players also offer cashback bonuses when players are active and request them through customer support.

Cashback is free playing money for players, offered when they have lost money at a Zimpler Pay n Play casino.

Other Zimpler bonuses and benefits

Zimpler Casino may offer players other benefits besides deposit bonuses, cashback and free bonuses. These bonuses can include VIP evenings, where the player gets a personal invite.

Many casinos offer VIP evenings for players that are active customers. If you play at a Zimpler casino, we recommend choosing one good casino. On our site, you’ll find many great options that we recommend you explore.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, players might be offered personal gifts, which the casino will send the player from time to time. This could be, for example, the latest electronics or other valuable items.

If you play at too many casinos, getting benefits is challenging. The more you play at one particular casino, the more profitable it will be in the long run.

We advise players to contact the casino’s customer service, as it is very likely that you will receive something extra, such as money or a gift, as an active player.

Which Zimpler Casino bonus is the best choice for players?

Information coming soon..

Alternative payment methods to those playing with Zimpler

A player at a Zimpler casino might wonder: ”Is there any alternative to this payment method?”. In fact, there are always other ways to transfer money to the casino.

Through our site, you can find, for example, Brite casinos, where you can transfer funds the same way as in Zimpler and Trustly casinos. Another popular payment method is a casino card deposit, which means you deposit money using a bank card.

Other popular methods include transfer casinos (Siirto casinot) and online wallets, which you can use to send money easily and quickly. Many players use these for money transfers. There’s also the new Apple Pay casinos (Apple Pay kasinot), which are the latest thing right now. Players can directly use Apple products to make deposits.

If you want to choose reliable gambling sites, see Interac-approved casinos.

Below are listed payment methods that you can use instead of Zimpler:

Zimpler casino in a nutshell

A Zimpler casino offers a convenient game format and fast withdrawals. There is no hassle between the casino and the player, as no separate identification or sending of documents is required.

Playing at these casinos is an excellent pastime due to the speed and ease of use, not to mention an entertaining gambling experience. It is evident that the payment method in question is the most popular at the moment in casinos and soon-to-be-opened gaming sites.

Previously, the downside was that all Zimpler casinos operated under a Curacao license. Fortunately, this too has changed, and with Sisu Casino, which opened at the end of July, finally offering tax-free withdrawals, as well as a Zimpler casino with an MGA license.

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